(BMT / Playmates)

The Ooglies were Cosmodog's first big toy project. The toy was designed by Ro Annis of BMT who was inspired by the works of Margaret Keane (note the really big eyes). Pretty much everyone at BMT contributed to the wacky things the Ooglies say.

One of Cosmodog's contributions was figuring out how to get them to play sound effects at different pitches so you can make them play tunes when you pull on their tails. So, the next time you hear an Ooglie fart "Mary Had A Little Lamb" you can thank Cosmodog.

The Ooglies were supposed to be followed by a series of Monster Ooglies, which were unbelievably cool. The Frankenstein Ooglie had a screw in his head that changed the pitch of his voice when you turned it. Unfortunately, Ooglies didn't do quite as well as expected and Playmates never released the monsters.