Fisher-Price Screwy Looey
(BMT / Mattel Fisher-Price)

Screwy Looey was originally called "Billy And the Bolts, the Silly Drilly Game", which is kind of a mouthful. Each player gets a bunch of big bolts with very frightened faces. The players take turns trying to drive their bolts into a tic-tac-toe board playfield. Each player gets a random amount of time for each turn. The original prototype had a reverse switch so the player could either drive in his own bolts or drive out his opponent's. The reverse feature was taken out to make the game simpler.

Our webmaster found a review of Looey on ... it was written by none other than the toy's creator, Todd Kurtzer:

I'm a Toy inventor that works at BMT toy inventors in Chicago. Screwy Looey is one of my favorite things that I have done. I can't wait for kids to start playing with him! It looks like Mattel did a great job making him. The drill has a silly personality and an unpredictability that makes it a lot of fun to play with (the name we gave him was 'Silly Drilly').